Legislative Committee Meetings

Legislative Committee Meetings

Overview of the Colorado Senior Lobby Legislative Committee Meetings
While the legislature is in session, Colorado Senior Lobby (CSL) holds weekly meetings to review legislation looking for those bills that impact seniors. From these bills, the group selects those that have the greatest potential impact on seniors for weekly discussion. The result is that the Colorado Senior Lobby will either support or oppose proposed legislation depending on its impact on seniors. If there is uncertainty, then it will monitor the proposed legislation. As the bill proceeds through the process it is frequently amended. This may result in the Senior Lobby changing its position in regard to the bill.

During the summer the CSL Legislative Committee meets twice a month. At these meetings the upcoming legislative issues are discussed and organizations are invited to attend and present information relevant to older adults.

2018 Legislative Committee Meeting Schedule

September 10 & 24, 2018 – Monday, 9:30AM – 11:30AM **
Colorado Senior Lobby Legislative Committee Meetings
Location: Disability Law Colorado Offices – Main Conference Room
Address: 455 Sherman St, Denver, CO 80203

More about the September 10th Legislative Committee Meeting: The Sept 10th meeting concerns two ballot initiatives regarding transportation funding from Ann Rajewski, Executive Director of Colorado Association of Transit Agencies, representing Let’s Go, Colorado at 9:30 AM and John Caldera, representing Fix Our Damn Roads, at 10:30 AM. Please let us know if you plan to attend in person as space is limited – call 303-832-4535. Call in number is 888-537-7715 – code 47220300#. Use *6 to mute and unmute your phone.
Let’s Go Colorado – CLICK HERE
Fix our Dam Roads from BallotPedia – CLICK HERE

Summer Legislative Committee Meetings:
During the summer, the Legislative Committee generally meets twice a month. At the summer meetings, the group reviews topics affecting older adults in Colorado and invites senior experts to make presentations to the group. The 2018 summer schedule is shown below. Dates can change. If you are a first time attendee call to confirm the meeting date and time. You do not have to member to attend however only members can vote on issues to follow.

Legislative Committee Meetings during the legislative session:
During the active Colorado legislative session,  the Legislative Committee Meetings are generally held every Monday while the legislature is in session. During the summer, the Legislative Committee Meetings generally meet twice a month. Note that meetings can be cancelled due to holidays, bad weather and conflicts with other major events. Please review the information below so you have a better idea about what the Colorado Senior Lobby Legislative Committee Meetings are all about and know who to contact to confirm that a meeting is being held. Call in number is 888-537-7715 – code 47220300#. Use *6 to mute and unmute your phone.

May 14, 2018
June 4 & 18, 2018
July 9 & 23, 2018
August 6 & 20, 2018
September 10 & 24, 2018
October 8 & 22, 2018
November 5 & 19, 2018
December 3 & 17, 2018

More about the Legislative Committee Meetings:
The meetings held during the legislative session generally focus on reviewing bills that impact older adults in Colorado. It is during these meetings that decisions are made to Monitor, Support or Oppose a bill.

  • Link to our Bill Position Report web page to see updates on bills we are following – CLICK HERE

Sign up for Meeting Reminders
Send us an email and ask to be added to an email blast that always has the latest information about the legislative committee meetings – CLICK HERE

Meetings are Open to CSL Members, General Public & Organizations
Our meetings are open to Colorado Senior Lobby members, general public and organizations, however only paid members can vote and participate with our online CSL Legislative Bill Position Report system. Colorado Senior Lobby pays an annual subscription fee to have a Colorado legislative bill feed available on this website – CLICK HERE

First Time Visitors
If this is your first meeting, contact CSL Board President Ed Shackelford at 720-353-3775 because meetings can change at the last minute. You can attend in person or call in using our host’s phone system. Be sure to request to be on the event reminder distribution list.
Contact: Ed Shackelford – 720-353-3775
Email: President@ColoradoSeniorLobby.org

Calling into a Meeting
Our meeting host, Disability Law Colorado provides a call in number for our use:

  • Call in number is 888-537-7715- code 47220300#
    Use *6 to mute and unmute your phone

Here are some tips for calling in:

  • When you first call in please announce yourself with your name and identify yourself with a designation such as retiree, representing an organization or other affiliation.
  • When you first call in, you may hear a lot of talking, at some point the Chair of the meeting will ask if anyone is calling in – speak up and identify yourself.
  • When you first call in, you may be put on hold which means the call in phone system is not activated yet. If this happens please wait for the official meeting time, and then call or text Ed Shackelford at 720-353-3775 – texting is preferred as Ed’s phone may be muted for the meeting.
  • The * 6 (Star 6) buttons on your phone will allow you to mute and unmute your phone, your voice and the background noises in your room. If you are not talking, please mute your phone. It is amazing how much background noise is picked up from those calling in, from coughing to typing to barking dogs. These unnecessary sounds are then projected into the committee meeting room disrupting the conversation – so please generously use * 6.

Legislative Committee Meeting Resources
We maintain a web page that lists resources we are given from presentations – CLICK HERE

** These dates are subject to change due to Federal Holidays and accommodating meeting dates for the Strategic Planning Group on Aging (SAPGA).

Special thanks to our Committee Meeting Host …

Disability Law Colorado
455 Sherman St #130, Denver, CO 80203
Disability Law Colorado (formerly known as The Legal Center for People with Disabilities and Older People) is an independent, public interest non-profit organization, specializing in civil rights and discrimination issues.
Website: DisabilityLawCO.org

“You have one of the most tremendous resources before you today which is an organization tuned into your issues that will actually take the time to train you how to be a citizen lobbyist. I really encourage you to take advantage of it …”

Rachel Zenzinger, Senate District 19

Colorado Senior Lobby Summer Social 2017