The following is a list of resources for Citizen Lobbyists.

PowerPoint Presentations saved as PDF Files

PowerPoint from Colorado Senior Lobby Citizen Lobbying Training
“Legislative Training with Jeanette Hensley & Rich Mauro”
– November 2017 – CLICK HERE

PowerPoint from Colorado Senior Lobby Citizen Lobbying Training
“Let us look at an actual Bill and the Colorado General Assembly Website”
November 2017 – CLICK HERE
Note that this file is 2.75MB – allow time to download or view

PowerPoint on Colorado Long Bill
“Colorado Long Bill – An exercise on Following the Bouncing Ball”
– March 2017 – CLICK HERE

Citizen Lobbyist Event Handout from Nov 15, 2017 – CLICK HERE

Colorado Senior Lobby Volunteer Information Form – CLICK HERE

Glossary of Terms

Appendix V – Terms, Acronyms and Abbreviations from Colorado Medical Assistance Program – CLICK HERE

Glossary of Acronyms from HCPF – CLICK HERE
HCPF – (Colorado Department of) Health Care Policy and Financing

Glossary of Budget Terms – CLICK HERE

Glossary of Legislative Terms – CLICK HERE

Glossary of LTSS Terms – CLICK HERE
LTSS – Long Term Services and Support

HCBS Resources

Colorado Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waivers – Adult Waivers – CLICK HERE
HCBS – Home Community Based Services

Choosing an HCBS Waiver for Adults – CLICK HERE
HCBS – Home Community Based Services

Single Entry Point (SEP) – August 2016 – CLICK HERE
SEP – Single Point Entry

Additional Resources

Colorado State Budget Process Overview – CLICK HERE

Demographic Statistics Older Adults Aging in Colorado – CLICK HERE

Motions that Bring a Question Before the Assembly Again – CLICK HERE

History of the Senior Property Tax Exemption – CLICK HERE

More Educational Resources from Colorado Senior Lobby

How a Minority can and does Control Legislation – CLICK HERE

Tips for Lobbying your Colorado Legislator – CLICK HERE
By Former Representative Dianne Primavera

Tips on Testifying – CLICK HERE
By Ed Shackelford, President of Colorado Senior Lobby

Jill Grano – Boulder
In the video below, Jill Grano talks about her experience in helping mobile home owners and what it was like to testify at the Capitol.