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March 15th is your day at the Statehouse. Join us!
Governor Hickenlooper scheduled for Senior Day at the Capitol.
“Senior Day at The Capitol is on Wednesday, March 15, 2017. This is a very special event organized by Colorado Senior Lobby. If you have not attended before, plan to do so this year. Why attend? Your voice and your membership in Colorado Senior Lobby can help preserve senior funding. At our event you will hear from legislators, elected officials and Senior Day at The Capitol Sponsors that serve seniors …” – READ MORE
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Senior Day at The Capitol on the Western Slope
We also have two locations on the western slope where you can watch the morning session of Senior Day at the Capitol via live stream. Lunch is not served at these two locations but there will be morning refreshments CLICK HERE

How does ideology become entrenched in governance?
Leadership and Listening Go Hand in Hand
By Ed Shackelford – President Colorado Senior Lobby

“The United States has a long, effective history of solving problems and making good decisions. We got off to a great start with the ideas of Alexander Hamilton in the earliest days of the Republic. He recognized the dominance of Great Britain’s industrial power in the world. So, he facilitated a policy of high tariffs to provide an environment conducive to developing our own industrial base …” – READ MORE

“The Senior Space”
Latest Rundown of Bills Affecting Seniors.

By Steve Grund
“We are following 40 of more than 400 bills introduced so far in the session. We show you the new ones on the top for those of you on the run. The Senior Space examines the 2017 General Assembly through an older adult lens. Each week we introduce the new bills first; and, then we update the bills we are following and identify for you the next chapter in each of those bills …” – READ MORE

Find some Time on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Help Colorado Senior Lobby Make a Difference.
By Karin Hall, Colorado Senior Lobby Board Member
“Recently, the news is full of the political animosity between opposing parties. I often wonder when I watch this news, how many of those people marching not only know the names of their elected officials covering their district, but have signed up for their Legislators’ newsletters or have attended their meetings and townhalls? Colorado Senior Lobby is one of many organizations that can strengthen your voice in a positive and constructive manner ..” – READ MORE

Flower Power
Messaging from the Heart Helps Bridge our Differences.
By Steve Grund
“It is a bit of a splintered winter. There are over 400 bills floating around the statehouse with exactly 100 lawmakers touting the significance of each. There are two primary political parties steeped in the notion that each provides a more productive path for a better world. National issues dominate over local issues. This reminds many of us over 60 that we haven’t seen this type of political environment since we were teenagers …” – READ MORE

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CSL’s president Ed Shackelford says, “It’s about individuals in their communities who are supported and have educated themselves to a point where they can be triggers to make policy happen. Politicians don’t create political will, they respond to it.”

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