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Featured article from the President of Colorado Senior Lobby, Ed Shackelford:
For those who strive to own their own home, and for those who need affordable rental opportunities: this Time Magazine article might expand your thinking …” – CLICK HERE

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Denver’s Emergency Rooms May be Bad for your Health
By Karin Hall – Colorado Senior Lobby Member

Now is a terrific time to update your emergency preparedness plan. With so many ER’s out there, you may not know where to go
“Could a consumer who has a serious heart incident have additional complications because he/she went to the wrong ER? Who decides where to go? What if an ambulance delivers the consumer to a small satellite emergency room rather than one attached to a full-service hospital that specializes in heart incidents? …” – READ MORE

Metro State Memories of Senior Day at the Capitol
Colorado Senior Lobby thanks Met TV’s journalists for covering Senior Day at the Capitol. Here is their report:

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The Senior Space – April 24, 2017
By Steve Grund
“It’s the same drill every year. Start the session out slowly; get the easy bills done. Soon, the tough stuff stacks up with the pressure of the clock ticking towards an inability to drive the big decisions over the finish line. What can be done about this repeat performance of our legislative leaders? …”

Mobile Homes a Sweet Spot for Seniors
By Ed Shackelford – President Colorado Senior Lobby
Mobile Home living can be quite satisfying when it is finally given the respect it deserves.
“There are many identified possible solutions to what in Colorado is a serious problem, affecting not only those who live here but also preventing some with needed talent and skill from moving here. One solution – the only one that would not cost state/local government any significant funding, is mobile homes. There is also a new trend referred to as tiny homes. But many are on the same portable structure as a mobile home – just with different styling …” – READ MORE

Guest Commentary
Commentary submitted by Senator John Michael Kefalas D-Fort Collins, District 14
“The Time Magazine article, ‘The Home of the Future’ reaffirms the value and benefits of manufactured housing and resident-owned communities – economic vitality and home equity, a sense of community and pride, and an opportunity for unsubsidized and quality affordable housing. This article demonstrates a fact that deserves better acceptance by the general public and elected officials – manufactured housing is an integral component of affordable housing that can help solve Colorado’s affordable housing crisis especially for households with low or fixed-incomes …” – READ MORE
Senator John Kefalas represents District 14 in Ft. Collins. His bill, SB17-098, on Mobile Home Parks was postponed indefinitely this session.

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